Caitiff - Mr Smith

The tall and enigmatic Mr. Smith.

The enigmatic Mr. Smith is definitely one to be watched. He arrived in Hollow Bridge in a very confused state with no seeming memory of his previous existence. In fact, he only seemed to possess a handful of months worth of memory, something that initially rang alarm bells in the head of the former Prince, Archon Aaron Goodson. Aaron himself investigated these claims and discovered that Smith's memory had indeed been erased, though he was unable to remove the blocks that were there. After serving a probationary period in the Court with no issues, Smith was accepted formally and fully into the Court and, after a couple of years was given the position of Scourge, a position that his discipline set appears to make him ideal to hold.

Smith takes his duty very seriously, a fact that means he is rarely seen at Court unless his presence is specifically required, either by necessity or at the request of the Prince.

During Smith's probation, he was mentored by Alexander Knight of Clan Tremere.