Toreador - Cartier-Wells, Faith

Something of a prodigy when she was a child, Faith was very quickly snapped up by the end of her compulsary education by Yale University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in Expressive Art, specialising in painting. Though she did not know it at the time, she hadn't just been headhunted by Yale, but by her sire also, and shortly after her graduation, was offered the gift of the embrace, which she accepted as a means to allow her art to live on indefinitely.

Eventually coming to Hollow Bridge, she was overcome by the sites of beauty nearby and decided to settle and open an art gallery. This allowed her to attract wealthy art collectors, but also gave her an opening into the school and university where she now teached expressive art two nights a week.

Never one to pass up opportunities, Faith quickly endeared herself to others of her clan by producing some outstanding pieces of art, the most notable of which currently hangs in the lobby of the Shogun Motel...a portrait of Haydn Quinn dressed in his ceremonial samurai armour.